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                Equipment maintenance and protection

                Front page/Equipment maintenance

                Equipment maintenance

                The company devotes to providing a flow of quasi repair and improvement services for high-end customers of pulp and paper equipment, including on-site processing service, roller maintenance, transformation and technical upgrading service, paper machine upgrade service, spare parts service and other on-site maintenance service, and creating a full range of 4S model service for the enterprises.

                Our advantages:
                • The professional service can provide economic, efficient and high-quality solutions.

                • The optimal scheme is selected according to specific conditions to guarantee customers’ benefit.

                • The quick response can save customers' costly time costs.

                • The company has many partners around the world to ensure original accessories and technical support.

                • Wide global cooperation network.

                We focus on the following products and services:
                • Site service of grinding and polish

                • Site service of machining such as field turning, field groove, etc.

                • Service of roller grinding in workshop

                • Machinery maintenance of kinds of rollers and technique upgrading service

                • Technique training and site fault removal

                • Spare roller business

                • Roller dynamic balance

                • Headbox service

                • Alignment (measurement adjustment)service

                • Other site maintenance service

                • Spare Parts Business

                • Film scraper (carbon fiber blade from Finland Royalton)

                • Pulping equipment maintenance service

                • Design, manufacturing, maintenance and transform service of other pulping and paper making equipment

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